Ben Affleck is using a celebrity dating app to find a partner who is not a celebrity


Kaiser alerted me to this story about Ben Affleck using the dating app Raya. Good for him. There’s no shame in using dating sites or apps, that’s how I met my last few partners. (I miss the late 90s/early aughts when only the most tech savvy people were using them. They’re a mixed bag now and it seems like people are less serious.) When you’re looking for someone specific it’s smart. One of Affleck’s outlets of choice, Page Six, had this news but their source is talking out of both sides of his mouth by saying that Ben is no longer on Raya and that he wasn’t on that date they just mentioned three minutes ago. He’s said to be looking for “a real partner” and not for a celebrity.

Page Six spies say [Ben Affleck] has been relying on celeb-friendly app Raya to find dates.

“He seems to want a real partner and is not looking to date a celebrity. He is private and is in a good space right now,” a source told us. “He has his kids and is focusing on work, but is ready to be in love again.”

Meanwhile, Affleck was spotted on a date with a young brunette a couple of weeks ago at the Hotel Bel-Air.

“It seemed innocent, like a first date. He was in a good [mood], and they both seemed really into each other,” said a spy. “There was no overt PDA or anything like that. They were having dinner.”

A source familiar with the actor said he’s no longer on Raya, and that he is often at the Bel Air Hotel for work meetings.

Affleck was also spotted at dinner in Santa Monica with Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, earlier this month. They reportedly dined for nearly three hours at Giorgio Baldi, but sources told us it was strictly platonic. “They have been friends for a long time,” a source said.

[From Page Six]

I almost forgot that Affleck went out with Jobs’ widow! That was only three weeks ago too. I don’t know how good Raya is for celebrity women particularly. I remember Busy Philipps and Connie Britton talking about it on Busy Tonight (RIP). They said that it’s not that great and everyone gets matched with Matthew Perry. It’s invite-only, a member has to ask you to join and then a committee votes. I would imagine that a lot of hot influencer-types are on there. So is this Ben’s strategy to get a date? Announce to the press that he’s single, stable and looking? It’s not a bad one actually. It’s better than looking through Playboy and DMing a 20-something model. I think the emotionally aware women know to stay away from him based on his history, but he’s looking hotter lately at least.



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