Burna Boy & Jorja Smith “Gum Body”


The two team up for a chill vibes-y beachside banger.

Over the past few years, African music has been being incorporated more and more into Western sounds over the past few years, with artists like Burna Boy helping the sound expand across the globe. Burna has especially blown up over the past year, with the release of his 2018 Outside catching the attention and critical acclaim of many. Now, over a year later he’s back with his fourth album, African Giant. The 19 track project is arguably his biggest yet, especially in terms of collaboration. Big-name American artists like YG, Future, and Jeremih appear on the tracklist, amongst others.“Saying ‘African Giant’ goes [to] a lot more than music,” Burna Boy told Apple Music. “It’s a symbol of strength. That’s what I want my people to feel like, to realize that they are.” For his impossibly smooth single, “Gum Body,” Burna employs the help of jazzy-songstress Jorja Smith.

The two seemingly sing a love song, but looking underneath the surface it explains how Burna lost the object of his desire in some way, and now wants to get her back, explaining how he was watching her the whole time in the club last night, and has been trying to call her, to no avail. The mid-tempo, but up-beat backing beat is like sunshine in itself, and would be perfect for a beachside banger. Soft enough to play in the background but catchy enough to pay attention to, the pair finds the perfect balance between a banger and a more lowkey track. Both sing softly, with Jorja’s signature jazz-like vocals lending themselves to the pre-hook, the hook, as well as the bridge. You’ll be sure to play this all summer long.

Quotable Lyrics:

When I call you, no dey answer
I say make I call you some more
Yeah you leave me no choice, oh
Very soon I go apply for your gum body
Any other time dress hot
When I saw you last night at the club
Even though I had my dark shades on
I was looking at you all night long


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