Can You Name All These Male ’60s Icons?


1. Who is this?Clint EastwoodCharlton Heston

2. Who is this?Marlon Brando James Dean

3. Who is this?Paul Newman Dick Van Dyke

4. Who is this? (It’s an easy one.)Elvis PresleyBuddy Holly

5. Who is this? Paul McCartney John Lennon Enjoying the quiz?  Share it with your friends!

6. Who is this?Mick Jagger Keith Richards

7. Who is this?President John F. Kennedy President Lyndon B. Johnson

8. Who is this? Roger Moore Sean Connery

9. Who is this?Yul Brynner Robert Redford

10. Who is this?Dustin Hoffman Robert DeNiro

11. Who is this?James Spader Marlon Brando

12. Who is this?Alan Rickman Michael Caine


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