Christie Brinkley: 50 ain’t what it used to be. Women need to declare their age


Christie Brinkley and the fabulous Wendi McLendon-Covey were on Access Live to talk about Christie’s guest appearance on The Goldbergs, where Christie recreated her scene in Vacation by pulling up next to the Goldbergs in a red convertible on the highway. I haven’t watched The Goldbergs in years, it’s a cute show but it felt played out after a couple of seasons. The formula got old to me but respect to them for continuing it and there’s even that spinoff show Schooled with Tim Meadows, which had its second season premiere too. (Side note I’ve been listening to the fabulous new Pajiba podcast, where they’re talking about new and returning TV shows and there are so many shows I haven’t even heard of! If you’re looking for new shows to watch check them out they are so funny. I love Dustin’s rants, and they have great recommendations.)

Anyway the first part of the interview wasn’t that interesting to me, they were just talking about the show, but at the end Christie mentioned aging and being fabulous. Wendi is turning 50 and Kit mentioned that, which is why Christie started talking about it. Here’s what she said:

Wendi: I feel like getting a shirt that says ‘ask me how old I am’
Christie: I love that they’re declaring their age because 50 ain’t what it used to be. In the old fashioned days people used to lie about their age. Women really need to declare their age now because our image of those numbers has to shift. It will only shift when we see gorgeous women like these saying ‘I’m turning 50′ and it’s like ‘this is 50.’ This is the result of a healthy diet, exercise, all the advances that we know about now. 50 just ain’t what it used to be.

[From Access Live]

She was right about some points but of course she only alluded to plastic surgery and injectables. No shame on women who get those, I probably will soon-ish, but that’s the unspoken part of this conversation. As someone closer to 50 than 40, it’s inspiring to see Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer and to a lesser extent Christie Brinkley and Gwen Stefani, looking incredible over 50. I think the key is fitness and nutrition, but of course skincare and injectables play a large role too. However most of it is privilege, which is time and wealth. They have time for exercise, spa treatments, dermatologist visits, mindful eating and just to focus on themselves. So many women work full time jobs, care for a family and do most of the housework. We’re also expected to look as good as possible, while living our life for other people.

Christie Brinkley also talked about giving her DWTS gig to her daughter Sailor after Christie broke her arm. There’s no way that was a set up as some people have claimed.

Here’s that interview. The part I quoted is at the end.



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