Constance Wu Denies She’s a ‘Diva’ Who Demanded Top Billing for ‘Hustlers’


Constance Wu Denies She's a 'Diva' Who Demanded Top Billing for 'Hustlers'

The statement comes one day after a report claimed Wu demanded top billing for the film and be listed as the headliner. 

Constance Wu has denied reports she’s a “diva” who demanded top billing for “Hustlers.”

On Thursday, a representative for the actress, 37, refuted the claims in a detailed statement.

“Constance had no knowledge or awareness of acts on her behalf of Hustlers to have reporting mirror that of the film’s castings or contractual billings,” the rep told Us Weekly. “Representatives associated with her and the film did engage media outlets to correct misrepresentations of the film’s characters and castings in the spirit of calibrating credits to accurately reflect the guidelines set forth in standard legal contracts.”

“While Constance’s character in ‘Hustlers’ is the key protagonist, any reporting that implies or indicates that she demanded or directed this recently reported initiative is patently untrue and a clear manipulation of facts,” the person continued. “She has always been and remains a proud supporter of all her fellow castmates inclusion in the celebration of this film and telling of this story.”

The statement comes one day after Page Six claimed Wu demanded top billing for the film and be listed as the headliner. The publication also reported certain media outlets have been instructed by the studio to name Wu first in the press.

“Hustlers,” which stars Jennifer LopezJulia StilesKeke PalmerLili ReinhartCardi B and Lizzo alongside the “Crazy Rich Asians” actress, follows a group of former strippers who band together to get revenge on their Wall Street clients.

“We made this film with an incredible spirit of sisterhood and love. Any reports otherwise have felt like an age-old attempt to pit us against each other and knock us down when, in truth, we had the best time making this!” Wu told Us Weekly. “We won’t be knocked down. We will continue to share and celebrate this story together, as sisters. Thank you to all the fans for believing in us and supporting this film.”

A source on the film’s set previously told Page Six, Wu was “pain in the f–king ass” and a “difficult diva” while filming.

This isn’t the first time Wu has made headlines for alleged diva-like behavior. If you recall, the actress came under fire back in May when she seemingly expressed disappointment that her ABC series “Fresh Off the Boat” had been renewed for a new season.

Wu received backlash after tweeting many angry comments, which seemed to be over the show’s renewal. In the series of tweets, Wu wrote she was “so upset” she was “literally crying” … amongst other remarks.

Wu later clarified her Twitter rant and admitted her angry outburst over the renewal was because she was looking forward to challenging herself on another project she can no longer do.

“Hustlers” hits theaters September 13 and “Fresh Off the Boat” Season 6 premieres this fall.


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