Dickie Arbiter: Prince Harry has ‘got to decide what it is he wants to do’

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Everyone has been yelling at me all week about the royals, but I’m fine with it. I’m blaming it all on Mercury Retrograde. It will all be different, I’m sure, on November 21. People will see that I’m trying to force them into looking at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s moves in the long-term. If Harry and Meghan’s long-term goal is to move out of England, to disassociate themselves from the Windsors, to allow Prince William’s petty little games to work, then the Sussexes are doing a bang-up job. If Harry and Meghan intend to stay in England and fight and do what they came here to do, then they’re f–king it all up. I mean, I’m still a Sussex Stan. But they’re making some strategic errors and I don’t really get WHY. Does this mean that I’m suddenly a bitter old bitch like Dickie Arbiter? God, I hope not. Arbiter had to chime in on the Sussexes’ decision to refuse to do the Sandringham Christmas rigmarole. He has one good point, buried in about ten nasty arguments:

Dickie Arbiter, who was press secretary to Her Majesty for 12 years, spoke out as it was revealed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would not be spending Christmas with the rest of the royal family at Sandringham. Mr Arbiter said the Queen was ‘pragmatic’ and let her grandchildren ‘get on with it’ but said Harry has now ‘got to decide what he wants to do.’

The 79-year-old made the comments on Nine News Australia after it was revealed Harry and Meghan confirmed they would be spending Christmas with baby Archie and his American grandmother Doria Ragland. Mr Arbiter pointed to William and Catherine spending Christmas with her mother and father in 2012 and again in 2016, adding, ‘so this is no big deal.’

‘I think the Queen is letting [Harry] get on with it, she’s very pragmatic and certainly understand that Harry’s got mental health issues and they need to sort it out. But she’s not heavy with any of the grandchildren and lets them get on with it. It’s a pity that Harry and Meghan might not be there but Meghan has got family as well.’

Mr Arbiter did however warn that Harry ‘needed to decide’ what he wants to do as a royal and discussed the 35-year-old dropping out of the royal family, and the line of succession. He said: ‘They have got to sort themselves out because this [rift] can’t go on forever. Harry has got to sort himself out. He’s got to decide what it is he wants to do. There is a lot of speculation about him dropping out of the royal family but he was born a prince and he’ll die a price and there’s no way he can escape from that. He’s got to sort his relationship out with his brother. I don’t think the animosity goes as far as Catherine. But there is a rift between the brothers and the body language between the brothers when they are together is not the best. Hopefully Meghan will help him sort it out. She was very relaxed, very calm at the Remembrance on Sunday] and Harry was very tense.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I found this particularly nasty: the Queen “certainly understand[s] that Harry’s got mental health issues and they need to sort it out.” Can you imagine just tossing that off in an interview when you used to be a spokesperson for the Queen? I got a chill – they did that sh-t to Diana too, they called her crazy, they gaslighted her about her depression and bulimia and her overall mental health. Harry is feeling raw these days, as we could see in the African Journey documentary, but as we could also see, he understands his own mental health and the work he needs to do. For Arbiter to suggest that Harry is somehow too mentally or emotionally weak to spend Christmas with the Queen is… just a really horrible assumption to make.

As for the rest of it… yes, it’s still stupid for all of these royal experts/correspondents to completely ignore the CAUSE of all the Sussex angst and to continue to act like it’s just Meghan and Harry being flaky. They did that when Meghan’s father was emotionally abusing her through the media – people like Arbiter were tut-tutting about “why can’t Meghan just SPEAK to him?” And now they’re like “it’s Harry’s responsibility to sort out the fact that William keeps throwing him under the bus.”

…But yeah, Harry is going to need to figure some things out. That’s the only thing I agree with. Whatever is happening now can’t be sustained long-term. Something has to give. Either the smear campaign is reeled in so the Sussexes can stay (talk about trying to put that genie back in the bottle) or… the Sussexes leave the UK.

Prince William and Prince Harry during the wreath laying at Whitehall in Londen, on November 10, 2019, on the occasion of the National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph Photo: Albert Nieboer /  Netherlands OUT / Point de Vue OUT |


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