Did Prince Harry & Meghan consult the royal family about the lawsuit?

Royal visit to Africa - Day Five

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday on Tuesday, in the final 36-hour-period of their successful African tour. The British media were already taking credit for the tour’s success because Meghan had “taken their advice” and shown off Archie and she hadn’t worn couture or whatever. So obviously, some people are making the criticism that it was stupid of Harry and Meghan to sue the press during a positive cycle. To that I say… the Sussexes know that whenever they get good press, smear campaigns follow. They’ve seen that pattern for the last year especially. Plus, the press around Meghan’s maternity leave was just screed after screed from the tabloids. So, here’s the question: did the Sussexes consult or inform other members of the royal family?

Prince Harry went “rogue” in his fight with the Press as senior royals were not warned about his extraordinary rant, it was claimed last night. He apparently refused to consult dad Charles and brother William, who were only “informed” as his outburst was published on Tuesday night. Harry, 35, wrote it himself with no guidance from Buckingham Palace or his team of senior advisers. It was also thought the Queen was not consulted — although Harry’s communications secretary insisted that she had been informed.

Harry’s bombshell statement overshadowed the end of the couple’s successful southern African tour, which ended last night. Critics raised questions over its timing, said to have followed “specific legal advice”. Harry’s spokesman said the case had been in the works for “many months”. However he had another six years to launch the claim. Experts believe law firm Schillings filed it now to “cause maximum impact”.

But a royal source said: “This is not the done thing on a royal tour, when the principals are representing the Queen and country. I can’t imagine the Queen will be very impressed.”

[From The Sun]

I believe that the lawsuit was in the works for months and months. The Mail on Sunday published Meghan’s letter to her father in February, and it would not surprise me at all if Meg and Harry consulted lawyers soon after. And considering the lack of advance gossip around the lawsuit, they probably didn’t tell many people (in the family or outside the family) that this was happening. Also: what do we think about Harry and Meghan not using the usual royal law firm? I think it’s a smart move, and something Diana would have done too.

The Sun also had a compilation of negative reactions to the lawsuit from Ken Wharfe, Piers Morgan and Penny Junor – go here if you want to read that sh-t. It’s like assembling a panel of white racist bros to explain a hate-crime statute. What’s a little bit funny to me is that so many of the critics are just latching on to Harry’s statement and criticizing ONLY him. I’ve yet to see any serious commentator take up the cause of “No, of course Meghan is NOT being subjected to some of the nastiest and most racist reporting out there.” They know that argument won’t fly.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

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