Donald Trump is still acting bonkers about the fictitious Alabama hurricane

Trump Departs for Greenville, NC

Did you think we were done with this hellscape story about Donald Trump and the fictional Alabama hurricane? Of course not. To recap, last weekend, Trump claimed that Alabama was in the path of Hurricane Dorian. At the moment of the claim, Dorian’s path in every model had the hurricane moving from the Bahamas up to Northern Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. The issue with the models was “where will it hit in that very specific area of the Southeastern coast?” Alabama was never a factor. But instead of just admitting he made a mistake or misread the model or whatever, Trump has spent the entire f–king week insisting that Alabama totally dodged a bullet because the hurricane was coming straight for them. He even changed a NOAA map WITH A SHARPIE to add a “hurricane path bubble” to include Alabama. This whole thing has been psychotic.

After the Sharpie debacle, Trump spent all g–damn day on Thursday talking about the fictitious Alabama hurricane, all while Dorian raged in the Carolinas. He got his National Security Advisor to make an actual statement trying to explain the Alabama thing.

The White House just issued a statement from the homeland security adviser — Rear Admiral Peter Brown — insisting Trump was briefed Sunday on the potential impact from Dorian, which he says included “possibility of tropical storm force winds in southeastern Alabama.”

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Trump also summoned a Fox News reporter into the Oval Office to insist that Alabama was always going to be in Dorian’s path:

Fox News senior White House correspondent John Roberts had just finished his 3 p.m. live shot on Thursday when President Donald Trump beckoned him into the Oval Office. The President had one argument to make, according to an internal Fox email Roberts sent about the meeting provided to CNN.

“He stressed to me that forecasts for Dorian last week had Alabama in the warning cone,” Roberts wrote. “He insisted that it is unfair to say Alabama was never threatened by the storm.”
Roberts’ analysis of the meeting was that the President was “just looking for acknowledgment that he was not wrong for saying that at some point, Alabama was at risk — even if the situation had changed by the time he issued the tweet” on Sunday morning, in which he said the state “will most likely be hit.” The President also provided Roberts with graphics to make his points.

A White House aide familiar with the Oval Office meeting with Roberts said that Trump also voiced his displeasure about Fox News anchor Shepard Smith’s skeptical reporting about the Alabama map. The President summoned Roberts “to hit back at Shepard Smith,” the White House aide said.
Roberts claimed in his email that he pointed out to the President that by the time of his tweet warning Alabama and other states of the storm — 10:51 am ET on Sunday — Dorian’s projected trajectory had moved much farther east and was no longer including any part of Alabama.

[From CNN]

The dumbest timeline, my lord. As for the Shep Smith thing – apparently, Shep went OFF yesterday on-air on Fox News, calling the Alabama debacle “fake news defined.”

Trump also posted some old maps… which were actually tracking wind… and I still can’t believe he’s still worried about this. We thought the Trump beef of the week was going to be about Debra Messing. But no. He’s beefing with… hurricane fake news.

Just as I said, Alabama was originally projected to be hit. The Fake News denies it!

I mean this seriously: the Alabama obsession really feels…clinical at this point? I mean if someone in your life was acting this way, you’d be legit concerned.

Hurricane Dorian Meeting
Hurricane Dorian Meeting


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