Donald Trump thought the Dayton mass murder took place in Toledo

Trump departs the White House to attend the 119th Army-Navy Football Game

We’re learning more about the El Paso mass murderer and the Dayton mass murderer as the days go by. I’m not going to bother with their names. They don’t deserve to be named. The El Paso murderer was a racist, and his mass murder was motivated by the bigotry and racist ideology Donald Trump spouts, and Fox News spouts, and right-wing radio and neo-Nazi sites promote. He was radicalized in plain sight, by Trump & company. The Dayton murder seemed to not adhere to the same kind of right-wing ideologies. Instead, he became yet another mass murderer motivated – partially or wholly – by violent hatred of women. Former classmates describe the Dayton murderer as a young man for which there were a multitude of “warning signs.” He brought a “rape list” to school, and he told at least one woman that he wanted to violently kill her. That woman reported his threats to the police, and they did nothing. He was still allowed to buy an automatic weapon and kill nine people and injure 26 people in less than one minute.

So, both mass murderers have different things in common with Donald Trump. For the El Paso murderer, a profoundly racist ideology. For the Dayton murderer, a profoundly violent hatred of women. With so much in common, it’s no wonder that Donald Trump can’t say “white supremacist terrorism” or “violent, toxic misogyny.” Hell, Trump can’t even remember where the second shooting took place:

Toledo. Sorry, Dayton, you’re no Toledo.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton released statements yesterday about guns and much needed gun laws.

People suffer from mental illness in every other country on earth; people play video games in virtually every other country on earth.

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Former President Obama Campaigns for Florida Democrats Gillum and Nelson In Miami


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