Donald Trump worries that impeachment is ‘a bad thing to have on your resume’

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The Friday afternoon/evening news dump wasn’t as soul-crushing as usual last week. The “breaking news” chyron was overused, of course, but there was some new information, namely that a SECOND whistleblower has come forward with “firsthand knowledge” of all the crimes Donald Trump has committed re: Ukraine and the Bidens. Here’s more from the NY Times:

An intelligence official with “firsthand knowledge” has provided information related to President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine and is now protected from retaliation as a whistle-blower, lawyers representing the official said on Sunday, confirming that a second individual has come forward in the matter. Much is unknown about the official, who has been interviewed by the intelligence community’s inspector general but has not filed a formal complaint.

But the individual has hired the same legal team as the first whistle-blower. That, and the claim of “firsthand knowledge,” suggests testimony that might bolster the impeachment case against Mr. Trump and further undermine one of his main defense claims: that the accusations against him are based on inaccurate, secondhand information.

The New York Times reported on Friday that an intelligence official who has more direct knowledge of Mr. Trump’s dealings with Ukraine than the first whistle-blower, and who had grown alarmed by the president’s behavior, was weighing whether to come forward. The second official was among those interviewed by the intelligence community inspector general to corroborate the allegations of the original whistle-blower, one of the people briefed on the matter said.

[From The NY Times]

I’m glad more people are coming forward and hiring lawyers and preparing to testify before the House committees. But… I do wonder what took so f–king long. We’re coming up on three years of the Trump presidency, a presidency he won by colluding with Russia. And now he’s using other nations to smear his political opponents and I can’t help but think that he’s been trying to do this sh-t the whole time. So I’ll ask again: what took so f–king long?

As for whether or not Trump will be impeached… he absolutely will be impeached by the House. He’s committed enough crimes openly in front of cameras to ensure that. Whether he will be impeached by the Senate is another thing completely, and I’m doubtful. Trump seems to be operating under the assumption that the House will impeach and his allies in the Senate will have his back and that the whole thing will help him win re-election. But sources told Axios that Trump is privately telling friends that any kind of impeachment is a“bad thing to have on your resume.” I just…

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