Drake Drops “Behind Barz” Freestyle


OVO Sound may be responsible for curating the music on the Top Boy soundtrack, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll find Drake appearances throughout the album. The rapper is featured on one song, “Behind Barz,” that’s listed as a bonus track at the end of the record. If it sounds familiar, it may be because Drake previously spit his “Behind Barz” freestyle in 2018 for Link Up TV.

After amassing tens of millions of views on YouTube, it was only fitting that Drake drop his unreleased freestyle and re-record it for his fans. There are a few lines in there that may take aim at other rappers, but it’s certainly difficult to speculate. Make sure to check out the Top Boysoundtrack here and let us know if Drake brought the heat on “Behind Barz.”

Quotable Lyrics

I know so much sh*t that I cannot expose
I keep it inside and I laugh on my own
Got all the tea and I’m hottin’ it up
I need a shade mansion, a room’s not enough
You’re droppin’ some sh*t but that sh*t was a bust
They got no direction, they’re followin’ us 


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