Jay Critch Answers Every Question With “I’m A Star”

I’m A Star – Jay Critch

Jay Critch continues to put in work.

It’s been an interesting run for young lyricist Jay Critch. Though last year’s Hood Favorite didn’t exactly catapult his career into the next echelon, it did serve in establishing him as a consistent mouthpiece for the streets. Even throughout his post-album loosies, Critch made a habit of bodying his chosen instrumentals, including this most recent endeavor. “I’m A Star,” which arrives in tandem with the Madden 20 soundtrack, seems appropriate for its source material.

With intense horns and a simplistic percussion arrangement, “I’m A Star” is essential “pump-up” music, tailor-made for a casual insertion into any given gym playlist. That’s not to say it’ll break barriers, but Critch certainly exhibits star potential, riding the beat with a confident swagger. “Game on, take a loss but I stay wrong,” he raps. “Super Bowl rings, I just won the playoffs, gotta go hard I can never play soft.” Expect plenty of sports references, and you won’t walk away disappointed.

Quotable Lyrics

Game on, take a loss but I stay wrong
Super Bowl rings, I just won the playoffs
Gotta go hard I can never play soft


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