Jidenna Preaches Camaraderie On “Tribe”


Hopefully, there’s a new project in the works.

Classic Man Jidenna surprised fans on Friday by sharing two new singles, “Sufi Woman” and “Tribe.” Earlier this year, the Nigerian-American artist hinted that was cooking up some new music in the studio when he shared an image of himself with super-producer Hit-Boy and Ghanian artist Nana Kwabena. If these two singles from Jidenna are the first of what seems to be a new project from the songwriter, he’s is off to a good start. 

On “Tribe,” Jidenna raps about what it means to be apart of a collective. Many believe that even those who choose to isolate themselves should still be members of a family, or a tribe, of which they can find rest, protection, and guidance. The 34-year-old artist hasn’t released a project since his 2017 breakout debut album The Chief, so fans are looking forward to receiving more tunes from the singer.

Quotable Lyrics

Put your pride in a trash bin
Too much ego in the captions
Don’t get swept up, like a Tesla
You ain’t really need the gassin’
Hate to see my n*ggas clashin’
Hate the plot, love the casting
Tryna catch a n*gga lackin’
Bet the tribe will outlast him
Every n*gga got a accent


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