Katy Perry Puts Newfound Taylor Swift Friendship to Test by Attending Scooter Braun Fundraiser


Katy Perry Puts Newfound Taylor Swift Friendship to Test by Attending Scooter Braun Fundraiser

Swift lashed out publicly at Scooter Braun last month alleging years of “bullying” after he bought out her former label, gaining control of most of her masters recordings.

After having recently squashed their beef and appearing in Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” music video together, Katy Perry is really putting their newly warmed realtionship to the test after appearing at Scooter Braun’s fundraiser at his home for presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift agreed to let bygones be bygones in recent months, with exchanges of baked goods and the surprise appearance together in Swift’s video, which is why Swifties found themselves with conflicted feelings after Perry appeared in a photo taken by Harris’ husband Douglas Emhoff, clearly at the event with the candidate and two of Braun’s talents Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande.

Swift drew a clear line in the sand last month after Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings bought her former label Big Machine Records for a reported $300 million. The deal includes control over Swift’s masters from her first six albums, and she went public calling this a worst-case scenario for her because of her history with Braun.

She also claims that the deal was closed behind her back and that despite repeated efforts to purchase the masters herself, Big Machine would not allow her to do so. She said the best offer she got was a pay-for-play kind of deal where she could “earn” back one album of masters back for each new album she would produce for the label, meaning another six-album commitment just to own her own music.

Further, Swift alleges that Braun has been bullying her for years. Immediately, celebrities lined up on both sides of the feud with Braun client Justin Bieber notably coming to his manager’s side in support. And of course, Swift’s fans had her back unequivocally. Which is why they found the appearance of Perry at Braun’s event so problematic.

Sooooo, this happened….

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According to ET, Perry and Swift were able to come together over the strong LGBTQ+ messaging behind Swift’s new single “You Need to Calm Down.” As Swift has grown more overtly political in recent years, she finds herself aligned on several important issue with her one-time rival.

Perhaps the fact that Perry was at a political event in support of a liberal candidate who also shares many of Swift’s political views will help smooth things over. Swift has in the past retweeted some of Harris’ posts that she agreed with.

At the same time, Swifties have already turned on both Perry and Harris, with many showing dismay that either woman would choose to associate with Braun after everything that went down between him and Swift over her masters. Neither Perry nor Swift has spoken publicly about the fundraiser, but here’s hoping that cooler heads prevail and their long-earned peace agreement still stands.

After all, we need Swift to make a cameo appearance in Perry’s next video to balance those scales.


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