Kim Kardashian ‘doesn’t want to change Kanye, she loves him & supports him’


Kim Kardashian steps out of her hotel in Asian inspired top in NY

Over the weekend, Kanye West’s interview with Big Boy came out and he said some horrible stuff about abortion, Plan B and a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices. He sounded like one of those white evangelical preachers, claiming that Democrats oppress black folks with food stamps and force black women to have abortions. Donald Trump Jr. was orgasmic about it, tweeting that Kanye “is cracking the culture code… Leftists always try to silence those who are speaking truth. They’re waging a war on our family and culture. Kanye is a pioneer.” That’s who Kanye is speaking to and speaking for. And… it’s all fine with Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West may be known for speaking his mind — but that doesn’t make Kim Kardashian West love him any less! The 42-year-old rapper, who recently released his latest album Jesus Is King, certainly hasn’t been shy to vocalize his controversial opinions as of late. From expressing his disapproval about Kim’s sexy attire and their daughter North wearing makeup to asking his album’s collaborators to abstain from premarital sex, Kanye has faithfully stood by all of his sentiments, though they might not always be popular. Despite those outspoken beliefs, a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE that Kim, 39, has been fully supportive of her husband.

“Kim and Kanye are in such a great place right now,” the source says. “Kim doesn’t want to change Kanye. She loves him and supports him. Of course, there are going to be times when Kanye says something Kim didn’t know he was going to say, but in general they talk about everything and are usually on the same page,” the insider continues.

“They are incredibly supportive of each other,” adds the source. “Kanye, in particular, has been so proud of everything Kim has been doing lately. They are very in sync.”

A source previously told PEOPLE that Kim is “really his biggest fan” and “much prefers his new album over previous ones.”

Remember when Kanye had a nervous breakdown or he went off his meds and he was hospitalized in late 2016? That was the moment when Kim was ready to pack it in. She reportedly consulted divorce attorneys and was seriously thinking about leaving him. I think she decided to stay after they worked out some kind of compromise: that he would take his mental illness more seriously AND Kim would get to do whatever she wanted. Plus, they would continue to spend a lot of time apart. I just think that… it’s not really that Kim 100% agrees with Kanye and supports him. I think Kim really just wants some peace and quiet with the kids and Kanye goes off and does these things. But yeah… as Kanye goes all-in with the arch-conservative preacher sh-t, I keep thinking that Kim will eventually have enough.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West attend the 2019 FGI Night Of Stars Gala

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