Meghan McCain compared herself to Daenerys in her beef with Whoopi Goldberg

Saoirse Ronan at arrivals for LITTLE WOM...

I don’t even want to pay attention to Meghan McCain. She’s fashioned a high-paying job for herself by screeching “MY FATHER!” on The View every weekday. In addition to bleating about her father, she’s also an apologist for every bonkers Republican and every Republican scheme. I can only watch about 30 seconds of her before I want to rip my ears off. Whoopi Goldberg should get hazard pay for dealing with Meghan every single day. Well, on Monday, Whoopi, Meghan and the rest of The View panel were talking about impeachment stuff and Meghan was two seconds away from shrieking something about her father and Whoopi told her to “stop talking.” I’ve cued it up to that part:

So, that happened. And it was good. And Meghan should have been grateful that Whoopi didn’t say “I told you to shut the f–k up, child” when Meghan was pouting and NOT actually shutting up. I linked to the story because I really didn’t want to cover it earlier this week. Then, yesterday, Meghan McCain stopped pouting long enough to post this:

The reactions to this were absolutely priceless. A few of my favorites:

The white savior character of course lol

Anyway, Whoopi and Meghan made up or something, if you can get through this video, god bless you.

Saoirse Ronan at arrivals for LITTLE WOM...

Photos courtesy of ABC/The View.


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