Melissa McCarthy’s worst date involved a guy talking about the price of everything


Melissa McCarthy was on Jimmy Kimmel this week and she was just delightful. We all love Melissa, particularly Quimby and Hecate, but I’m grabbing this story because I’m the boss I watched the interview and wanted to talk about it. She told a story about her worst date and I could so relate.

On the worst date she ever went on
I went on a date with someone. We met at a wrap party the night before and maybe had several drinks. I thought he was wonderful. We get [to the restaurant] and he’s like ‘Oh boy, 6 dollahs for a chicken sandwich. I can make a chicken sandwich for $1.75.’ At the time I was working three jobs. This is still the highpoint of the date. So far I’m like ‘maybe.’ It was slim pickings for a while.

We get [outside] my apartment. It’s not going well. It’s just constant talk of money even though I’m paying. He’s got a backpack. He’s like ‘I got this thing in my bag. I got it from this guy at work. Well it’s a ring.’ I’ll just say it’s not a ring for your finger or your toes. He got it from his friend at work it’s not even new!

[After that] I met [my husband] Ben. That was my last date then I met sweet Ben. I was like ‘I don’t care if you hate me, you’re not going anywhere.’

[From Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube]

I went on a date like this right before I met my (now ex) husband! The douchebag actually talked about the price of a chicken sandwich just like this, I remember it so well because it was ridiculous, but we were only looking at the menu outside the restaurant, we weren’t even in the place. It was in chi chi Greenwich, Connecticut too. I’m pretty sure it was about $6.95. He made me pay for my coffee at Starbucks after that and I was really glad to do that and get the hell out of there. That story Melissa told about the used “ring” her date had in his bag is just so gross. I can’t even imagine. Melissa has been married since 2005 to Ben Falcone after meeting him at improv. They have two daughters, Vivian, 12 and Georgette, 9. Maybe they wouldn’t be together if she didn’t have this terrible date first so it all worked out for the best.

Oh and at the end of the interview Melissa played coy about whether she’s going to be Ursula in The Little Mermaid live action remake. It involved a lot of winking. She’s totally doing it.

Melissa’s drama The Kitchen, with Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss, opens August 9th. If it gets over an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes I’m there.

Here’s Melissa’s interview. It’s worth watching for how awesome she is and the story she tells at the beginning about her dad trapping squirrels.



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