Nike’s Moon shoe just sold for $437,500 a record high auction price for sneakers


The shoes, which was designed by Nike co-founder and track coach Bill Bowerman for runners at the 1972 Olympics trials, was among the 12 pairs of the handmade shoes ever created.
The highest previous price record sold at public auction was in 2017, a pair of signed Converse shoes worn by Michael Jordan in the 1984 Olympic basketball final sold at $190,373.
The handmade Shoe was carefully built with distinctive imprint of a  dirt resembling to lunar footprints left by astronauts on their historic Apollo missions – they called it “Moon Shoe”.
The Canadian collector and businessman Miles Nadal purchased the pair along with 99 other rare or limited edition shoes for a total of $850,000 at the auction.
Nadal took a version including 2011 and 2016 “Back to the Future Part II” limited-edition shoes by Nike that were inspired by the 1989 film starring Michael J. Fox and limited edition from Adidas, Air Jordan and rapper Kanye West’s Yeezy collection.


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