Rude condo resident Ramesh Erramalli meets with and apologizes to security guard ‘many times’

Abdul Rahman Dahlan posing for the camera

In a meeting with the security guard he abused, Eight Riversuites resident Ramesh Erramalli has apologized for his behaviour ‘many times’, the Association of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA) said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (October 30).

The resident issued the apology during an hour-long meeting on Wednesday evening with the officer, senior security supervisor (SSS) Steven Heng Woo Wee.

Erramalli’s dispute with his condominium’s security guard was over a rule by the condominium’s management, which imposed a S$10 fee for visitors who park their cars there after 11pm. His guests had come over at about 10.30pm for Deepavali festivities.

The video shows the security officer asking what time the visitor would leave, followed by the resident questioning if guests could not visit him after 11pm on Deepavali.

“I bought your f***ing property for S$1.5 million, you know? This is S$1.5 million, okay?” says Ramesh.

After the security officer tells him he would let the management know of the situation, the resident replies: “Tell the management to f*** off.”

However, at the meeting, ACSA’s honorary secretary Gary Haris, and Mr Raj Joshua Thomas, president of the Security Association of Singapore (SAS), who were both present, said that Erramalli was “very remorseful”.

During the meeting, Haris noted that Ramesh “addressed SSS Steven as Uncle Steven and said he has known Uncle Steven quite well as he has had conversations with SSS Steven before when he was patrolling the estate”.

He added that, “Ramesh Acknowledged SSS Steven was a very humble and good Security Supervisor and he did not mean to hurt or harm him in any way. He was worked up over the MCST Rule of collecting $10 parking fees for the overnight parking”.

The security guard, “SSS Steven also acknowledged that Mr Ramesh was a friendly and approachable resident and always addressed him as uncle Steven. He had forgiven Mr Ramesh wholeheartedly and thanked him for coming personally to apologise to him. SSS Steven also urges everyone to forgive Mr Ramesh and forget this unfortunate incident”.

SSS Steven seemed to have buried the hatchet and said, “I also wish everyone will forgive Mr Ramesh and forget this incident. Let’s all play a part to respect all the Security Personnel working round the clock to keep our estates, neighbourhood,offices, Hospitals, schools and Singapore to be a safe and Secure place for all of us”. /TISG


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