Terry Crews and his wife celebrate 30 years together with a big party & Stevie Wonder


Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. For those who don’t know, Terry has grown a great deal during his time with Rebecca. He was stuck in a quagmire of male toxicity that he overcame with Rebecca’s love, guidance and infinite patience and now he actively fights to break the cycle of toxic male culture. So I imagine any wedding anniversary feels like a huge accomplishment, especially for Rebecca, and a blessing. But 30 is huge with or without the struggle so it deserves a big party. And Terry is not one to shy away from going big. Their 30th celebration was held at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, had an impressive guest list and a replica of the bouquet and wedding cake from their wedding.

On July 27, Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca King-Crews celebrated 30 years of marriage with an over-the-top party at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

Surrounded by their loved ones — and famous faces including Olivia Munn, Stevie Wonder, Chris Daughtry and more — the couple took in surprise performances and danced the night away.

King-Crews debuted the music video for her new single “Reachin’ for the Top,” and the couple cut into a replica of their original wedding cake.

Stevie Wonder performed for the couple as a surprise, and as the legendary singer played harmonica, Terry sang along.

At the bash, Rebecca sang “Happy Birthday” to her husband, who turned 51 on July 30. The singer also replica of her original bouquet made for the celebration.

[From People]

Well, of course Stevie Wonder performed. If you invite Stevie Wonder, isn’t the ultimate hope that he will perform? I’m a party person. I would throw over-the-top parties for any occasion if I could. I’ve even stopped being modest about my own birthday and have no problem planning them myself if I have a specific idea in mind. The only thing stopping me is I can’t afford it. So I love reading about these huge productions. The People article has some photos and Terry posted them to Instagram (I can’t embed them because of copyright). He did post one I can use. Both Terry and Rebecca posted these photos of themselves at the start of their relationship and then at their party. Talk about a glow up:

I love that they did replicas of Rebecca’s bouquet and their cake. Maybe that is a well-known thing to do but having never had an anniversary party, I’ve never heard of it. I’d do for the next anniversary but I can’t remember what my cake looked like. Of course, if I can’t remember, no one else will either, right? Wedding cake tasting! Who’s with me?

The party looked great and I’m glad we got a glimpse at all the spectacular. Happpy anniversary to the Crewses! As I said, I don’t have the pics but I can get this pic, the gift Terry gave us for his 51st bday. CLICK TO EXPAND!

HAPPY 51st BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! #BirthdayPECS #AmericasGotTerry #AGTat8

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Happy Friday, y’all.


Photo credit: Instagram, Twitter and WENN Photos


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