These photos of Lena Dunham awkwardly kissing Brad Pitt are really funny


The London premiere of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood happened on Tuesday night. I covered the fashion photos yesterday and I was mostly focused on how much I dislike Margot Robbie’s promotional style, and how Brad Pitt has been looking great during the promotion. But I also including photos of Lena Dunham looking like she was wearing a Muppet-carcass.

I thought, at the time, that Lena was just back on her bulls–t, wearing stupid sh-t to troll and get attention, so that when everyone was like “God, Lena can’t dress,” she can write a bunch of Instagram posts and a Vogue essay about how her terrible style is a statement about feminism or something. Turns out, Lena’s going to have another topic for what I’m sure will be a 5,000-word Vogue essay: how she tried to kiss Brad Pitt’s cheek and he wasn’t into it.

To be completely fair, it did seem like Brad and Lena became somewhat friendly during filming on OUATIH. Brad even attended Lena’s birthday-party-fundraiser thing back in May. So they’re certainly friendly enough to greet each other with a cheek-kiss at a premiere. The problem was that… I think Lena chose the wrong moment, and she seemed to go in for a kiss on the lips? And Brad wasn’t into it. And the photos are hilarious. That’s it. That’s the post: look at these awkward AF photos of Lena trying to kiss Brad. It’s even funnier in the wide shot where you can see that everybody else is trying to pose for the big cast-photo. LMAO, Lena’s Vogue essay about this moment is going to be soooo epic. Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty.


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