Trippie Redd Taps Lil Baby & Lil Duke For “Mac 10”

Trippie Redd Taps Lil Baby & Lil Duke For “Mac 10”

Trippie Redd counts his bullets first, blessings later.

Trippie Redd’s recent singles have been promising, to say the least. Between “Under Enemy Arms” and the brand new “Mac 10,” it would appear that Trippie has found a harmonious hybrid between his hip-hop purism and his contemporary approach to melody. Today’s release, which features the assisted contributions of Lil Baby and Lil Duke, finds Trippie once again opting for a vaguely medieval, Wheezy-produced banger. And it works effectively, with Trippie offering a wholesome introduction to his lil friend, which is to say, the titular Mac 10.

While the track is far too brief to truly develop into something substantial, it remains a solid listen throughout. It might have been nice were Redd to flex his bars, as the instrumental is tailor-made for an emcee’s touch, but such are the times we live in. Still, “Mac 10” goes hard when played at peak volumes, and should sound even better in the context of a full-length album. Is Trippie delivering, in your estimation? Sound off below.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m at the top of the penthouse
Those n***s pockets on lint balls
Eliante diamonds like Kris Kross


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